May 11th 2019 - Salt Lake City Library

LABELED Fest challenges audiences to understand the person behind the labels.

Outcasts, debilitated, isolated, dependent, dangerous, unpredictable, comedic, burdensome and incompetent. Let’s change how we experience mental health.

This one of a kind event encompasses creative expression, multi-media, story-telling, live performance and technology to create a vibrant community with proud LABELS. Oh and did we mention that LABELED is produced and created by members of Alliance House!! providing vocational skills and opportunities for brighter future.

LABELED Fest is a free interactive community event that aims to increase awareness and decrease stigma through education and advocacy.

Contact us at or 801-486-5012

Severe Persistent Mental Illness plagues 97,000 Utahns annually. The battles and struggles caused by mental illness are real, and its influence upon our community is felt by many. ‘LABELED’ will showcase thought-provoking films that explore mental health issues from numerous perspectives. It’s designed to bring together a community of health providers, government agencies, educators, policy makers, caregivers, and individuals who want to better understand and support those with mental illness.

For over 30 years, Alliance House has served adults living with a Severe or Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI). They are part of Clubhouse International that champions psycho-social programs for those living with SPMI. Alliance House members have the unique opportunity to connect into a supportive and collaborative community to rebuild their confidence and have purpose.


Labeled is brought to you by Alliance House

Alliance House is a Clubhouse Model of Rehabilitation located in Salt Lake City that works with people with mental illness to support in gaining confidence, education, housing, employment, and independence.