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Here is the schedule for Labeled Fest 2019. We have 3 blocks consisting of films, stories and panels. Block A’s theme is Youth Suicide Awareness from Noon - 2pm. Block B’s theme is Homeless Action Plans from 2pm - 4pm. Block C’s theme is Mental Health Success Stories from 4pm - 6pm. Remember Labeled Fest is free and you will experience valuable insight and info on how to impact mental health awareness in Utah. Get all the updates on our Facebook page.

Labeled Fest 2019 - May 11th - Salt Lake City Library - Free

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BLOCK A - FILMS - all films are shorts about suicide awareness. 12pm-1:45pm.


Me and Michael

As tensions rise within his home and his mind, Jesse’s grip on reality starts to waver.


The Lonely Kind of Love

Selmer, an over the top and very self centered teen is left alone when all of humanity is wiped off the face of the earth. He must find a new way of life before his demons take it from him.


Hoan Alone

This animated documentary explores the issues of the bridge and suicide through three intimate interviews.



Sem;colon is a short documentary that provides a different view on suicide. Not only will the audience experience mourn for the family of a teenage boy that was lost to suicide, but will leave educated about the signs of suicide in their children or peers.

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BLOCK A - PRESENTATION - Jr Junior League of Ogden. The importance of inclusivity, doing good and being kind.


BLOCK A - Kathy Carlson


Kathy Carlston hails from the suburbs of Denver and is a Columbine survivor. She has a deep love for terrible puns, dad jokes and her cat, Houdini. For the last decade, Kathy has worked as a digital artist, including in 3D animation for feature films like The Avengers, Oz: The Great and Powerful and Super 8. Currently, Kathy is devoting her time to her non-profit Resilient Hope, which creates multimedia resources for trauma survivors.


BLOCK A - PANEL - Suicide Impacts Us

Join us for an engaging panel discussion to end the Suicide Awareness Block. Presented by SafeUT and featuring filmmakers, survivors and resources to give insight and experience on dealing with issues surrounding youth suicide in Utah.


BLOCK B - FILMS - all films are shorts about homeless action plans. 2pm-3:45pm


Sarah’s House

Like any 19-year old young adult Sarah is ready to move out on her own. Her only challenge is that she has autism. So Sarah can be independent but still close to home her family has decided to build a Tiny House.


Social Warrior

When I came home from my fifth tour in Afghanistan, I discovered that there was another warfront that had opened up back here on the Homefront.



Maintaining a healthy perspective in the face of insurmountable adversity. Specifically exploring the homelessness crisis.


BLOCK B - PRESENTATION - Salt Lake Tribune. Perspective: Life on the Street.


What is it like to be homeless in Salt Lake City? What would your day be like? How would you see the world? The Salt Lake Tribune has written many stories about homelessness in recent years, particularly about the ongoing Operation Rio Grande.

Some of those articles have included the voices of people who live on the streets. This time, we asked these Utahns to give us an inside look, through disposable cameras, at their lives.


Block B - Chad Anderson

A Master of Survival

Chad Anderson has always been a writer, but it wasn't until he came out of the closet in 2011, at the age of 32, that he started sharing his story loudly and proudly. A practicing clinical social worker, Chad recently released his moving memoir, Gay Mormon Dad, and he has his hands in a handful of writing projects, including the monthly story-telling group, Voices Heard.


BLOCK B - PANEL - Homeless Dilemma

Join us for an engaging panel discussion to end the Homeless Action Plans. Presented by 4th Street Clinic and featuring Senator Derek Kitchen filmmakers, homeless and resources to give insight and experience on dealing with issues surrounding the homeless dilemma in Utah.


BLOCK C - FILMS - all films are shorts about success in mental health. 4pm-5:45pm


It Gets Better

In this short animation, adults with developmental disabilities share their struggles with depression.



'Found' is a short documentary of hope about suicide and its effects. For each of us there is a new day. For each of us there is hope.


Day by Day

Britney is proof that the outside doesn't always match the inside and that hardships can only be conquered one day at a time.


Day in a Life

We all get through our days one way or another, but sometimes having a mental health diagnosis can make it struggle.


See Yourself

An abstract documentary about seeing a way through body dysmorphia.



A story about isolation, coping with mental illness and finding hope.

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BLOCK C - PRESENTATION - Alliance House Day in a Life.

Stigma can be hard to overcome but not impossible.


Block C - John Mabey

I’m Fine

Rebirth comes in all forms and for John Mabey it began in a discussion about Spring Color Swatches with Martha Stewart. Tired of working for other people’s dreams, he began to question his career choices. A stress induced heart attack at thirty-six left little question. Now, with the support of a loving wife and his adoring daughter, John works on his upmarket fantasy novel while supervised by his scrutinizing Chihuahua. Whether staying in a real haunted house to make new friends, or speaking at a community Voices Heard event, he's determined to prove that you can leave the rat race and live an emotionally healthy life pursuing your own dreams while making a difference in the world.


BLOCK C - PANEL - Success Stories

Join us for an engaging panel discussion to end the Success Stories Block. Presented by USARA and featuring District Attorney Sim Gill, filmmakers, experience and resources to give insight and experience on finding answers and a way through.

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